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           TYPE 1 DIABETES with its complications for 50+ years did not put me down. Nor did the Muscular Dystrophy and its complications for 40+ years take my spirit. Only by the grace of God, I went on to raise a family, enjoy many careers, and earn 2 degrees. It was the massive Stroke 12 years ago, on top of my Diabetes and Muscular Dystrophy that threatened to put me down.

          THEN CAME JOEY, who entered my life just over a decade ago. Today I am strong and confident with Joey at my side. I usually feel bright eyed, bushy tailed, and never alone with him at my side. He remains loyal and has been a life-saver many times over. With Joey, I could live on my (our) own and even run my business. Yes, Joey is my service dog, but most importantly, he is my peace and joy!

         SERVICE DOGS assist physically disabled people. Having public access rights under the ADA, they can be with their partners 24/7. The dogs are trained to pick up items, open doors, push elevator buttons, turn light switches on and off, carry items, pull wheelchairs short distances, be prepared to get help, and aid with balance etc.

          SERVICE DOGS are usually raised by volunteer foster families where they learn basic disciplines. This is followed by the skilled work of qualified dog trainers. Finally, these canines are carefully matched to pre-qualified applicants. Ultimately. the client and his/her caninne partner learn how to work as a team. The service dogs, always treated with mutual respect, develop a loving bond and help keep their human partners independent.

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